Looking to buy a property? Definitely, I can help you.

Depends on your requirements regarding a suitable property, within an established price range, usually within a particular time frame I will make all necessary efforts that buyers need are achieved. Once a buyer finds a property of interest, my key responsibility is to ensure that contract is legally binding and results in a successful sale.
My duties as buyer’s agents may include:

  • Determine property preferences
  • Seek properties reasonably matching preferences
  • Show properties
  • Prepare a CMA to assist in informed decisions
  • Perform title search on the selected property to ensure ownership
  • Accurately prepare offers and other documentation
  • Assist buyer negotiations
  • Assist with introductions to mortgage lenders, home inspectors, etc.
  • Review reports (within my level of expertise)
  • Prepare amendments, notices, etc. relating to an agreement

How People Buy

Before you will decide to make a purchase, such as a house, you as a buyer must go thru some steps like:

  • Decide that you need the property
  • Decide on the particular property that fits that need
  • Decide that you trust the source of the product
  • Decide that the price is right
  • Decide that the time to buy is now

The buying process is not an easy decision and I want to make sure that you, as a buyer will make the right one.
We will analyze lifestyle, house requirements, financial concerns, services required in the area you are moving, work location, schools etc.
My goal is to make you and your family happy with the purchase you did.

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